Transformational Breath® Sessions

Breathing? Seriously?! This is a thing?!

Thanks Mel, but I think I already got that one down?!

Yes! Breathing…it´s a thing, and hands down, it has changed my life. My journey with the breath for the past two years has expanded me into feeling more joy, more peace, more bliss, and more freedom than I could have ever possibly imagined.

Intrigued?! Let me fill you in...

Transformational Breath® (TBr) is a powerful self healing modality that utilises a conscious breathing technique in order to restore wellbeing, bring more peace and generate joy within. TBr was developed by Dr. Judith Kravitz and is now being taught in over 20 different countries worldwide.

It´s like therapy, but without the talking.

We are born into this world with a full diaphragmatic breath. Have you ever seen a baby breathe? They use all of their belly. This is how we are supposed to breath. Do you breath like that? I certainly didn´t! Over time, life happens and our breathing pattern changes as we move through our life experience.

During a TBr session, we encourage restoring a full diaphragmatic breath through using gentle touch, sound, movement, and positive affirmations in order to move the restricted patterns and retrain the subconscious. This helps clear negativity and where the body may be holding on to repressed memories, feelings, hurt, and brings the subconscious to be cleared so that we can feel lighter, freer and more at peace within.

We are energetic beings. Everything is energy. Like attracts like. Free yourself of the negative so that you can attract more positive.

To find out more about TBr and its benefits, research, trainings, and workshops that are near you (if I am not, I currently work out of Australia and Brazil), check out the official Transformational Breath® website.

Do you want to live your best life? Improve your general wellbeing and zest for life? Experience greater connection? Feel more love? Have more energy? Free yourself of the past? Heal past hurts? Experience more abundance?

Are you attracting more of the same and you are not sure why? Some of our negative programming is running on tape in our subconscious. This includes repressions, negative beliefs, past memories (especially before our cognitive capacity), patterns of self sabotage and other negative imprints which are stored within us at a cellular level. Our subconscious mind drives our behaviour. We perform tasks in our life using our conscious mind, however, it is our subconscious that ultimately runs the show. Remember the nature of the subconscious, we don’t know what we don´t know, and we often don’t realise when the subconscious is at the wheel. TBr is one of the most enjoyable, effective and joyful ways that you can clear the subconscious.

Or maybe you are finding that talking out loud about your problems isn’t solving them or providing any relief. The mind still festers. Once we get started on the topic, it´s hard to slow that hamster down and very much keeps the story active within us (which then reignites all of the emotions again and we are back to where we started!).

How you breathe is how you show up in your life

TBr works on three different levels; physical, mental/emotional and spiritual. You can experience all, a combination of each, or just one of these levels in any given session.  Just know that every session will be different and whatever happens, is perfect for you in that moment.


+ increase in oxygenation throughout the body

+ improves energy levels

+ stimulates circulation

+ balances the flow of energy

+ assists in resolving addictions

+ improves well being

+ improves a variety of ailments including breathing conditions, stress reduction, headaches, tension, psychosomatic issues, low energy, and many, many others


+ helps reduce stress and anxiety

+ clears past traumas

+ brings awareness to self sabotage patterns

+ relieves depression and other negative emotions

+ improves self esteem

+ increases enjoyment of life

+ clears the subconscious mind


+ deepens meditation

+ strengthens connection to Source

+ expands awareness

+ allows a fuller expression of joy

+ allows you to powerfully connect to your highest expression

The best thing about breathing is absolutely anyone and everyone can do it! There isn’t one person who wouldn’t benefit from a breathing session. And it doesn’t matter how old you are…adults, the elderly, children, teenagers, babies…are all prime candidates!

Private Sessions

Private sessions are an intensive way of focussing on the client´s individual intention and needs. The first session will be roughly 90 minutes, with the follow up sessions around 75 minutes. During our time together, we will discuss your history, what you are hoping to achieve throughout our time together and clarifying any goals that you might have. The first session is longer because we will not only address your history and goals, but also give instruction for the technique, as well as perform a brief breathing analysis.

Couple Sessions

More of a private experience that is ideal for those who are intimately connected (couples, family members, close friends). A shared (or individual) intention is set. Very powerful because of the intimate setting, many clients have reported that they feel safer to go deeper into their practice and also feel a stronger bond and improvement in their relationships.

Group Sessions

Group sessions are a powerful because of the collective energy that is shared (and are also a lot of fun!). The sessions will begin with a brief introduction of the practice, setting of an individual intention for each participant, kundalini breath (a powerful way of activating the breath prior to the session in order to open to maximum benefits for all). These sessions are fun and a great way to let loose! Come try my weekly Breathing Circles

Where do I even begin?! TBr absolutely blew my mind after my first session! I couldn’t possibly have ever imagined that something so routine and automatic as breathing could possibly have had such a profound affect on me. Trust me, I came out of my first session thinking that somehow the air had been gassed…it was wild!

TBr came to me in a time of my life that I desperately needed something…thank you Universe, you always have a way of providing something just when I need it. I had been on my own personal journey in personal development for some time, and all the tools and tips and tricks that I had learned along my way, were no longer working to the extent that was called for. I needed something that went deeper. In the past, I had done a lot of heavy lifting with my work through multiple trips to see a shaman in the depths of the jungle in Peru, however, it was no longer realistic for me to keep flying back and forth, not to mention the cost that was associated with it! I needed something that was easily accessible and that I didn’t need to take long periods of time off and would require such a significant investment.

All it took was one session and I was hooked. I didn’t know what happened in that past hour, but the changes within were like night and day. I felt like I had dropped 100kgs of emotional weight and baggage.  At that time, I have zero intention of ever training in this field, let alone start my own practice, all I knew at that time was that I felt amazing and I had never felt so free and felt more joy. And so it began, my first session turned into me becoming a frequent client, which then lead to a spontaneous decision to attend the Seminar, out of pure curiosity and being the personal development junkie that I am. This then fuelled a desire in me for wanting to understand it at a deeper level, the mechanics behind it, which then resulted in me realising that it was my duty share this and get others in on the best kept secret.

So here I am, offering this service to you.  Life has a funny way of putting us on our path, doesn’t it?

Questions?! Please don’t hesitate to drop me a line! I love hearing from you…

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