Breathing Circle

What is a Breathing Circle? 

A Breathing Circle is a powerful way to experience the magic of Transformational Breath®. Limited to a maximum of eight participants, it is a safe and intimate way to reconnect with Self, reclaim your joy and expand into your biggest potential as a collective.

Haven´t breathed before? No worries. You do not have to have breathed in a private session before joining the group. Each Breathing Circle will give an explanation of how this life changing experience works and how to do it. It truly is the perfect way to experience and share the power of your breath with others. Find out more about Transformational Breath® here.

If you are someone who is curious as to what this is all about or someone who is already a committed breather but wants to keep connected to their practice in between individual sessions, then this is for you!

Not in Adelaide? No problem! I periodically travel within Australia. Please drop me a line, and I would be happy to chat about bringing a workshop or circle near you.

Upcoming Events

Please be sure to secure your place prior to the event either through Facebook or email as space are limited. 

I have relocated to Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, however, online sessions are still available...or come find me in Rio!!! 

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