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Hey you…

Thanks for stopping by to find out more about my working with me. In my quest to help you to Illuminate Your EPIC, I am currently offering two types of services; 1:1 Transformational and Empowerment Coaching (either online or in person) and Transformational Breath® sessions (also offered online or in person). Feel free to use either exclusively, or a combination of both!

As a Transformational and Empowerment Coach, I intuitively guide you in identifying and uncovering areas of your life that are not being lived to their fullest potential.

Want to…

+ have a partner to help guide you through your quest in empowered living?

+ learn how to establish a deeper connection within yourself and get to know the depths of your soul. Find out who you are, discover what brings you joy and inspires you, and realise and bring to light your hopes and dreams…

+ create a life that feels as amazing on the inside as it looks on the outside?

+ learn how to cultivate happiness within and keep your self-love cup overflowing?

+ learn how to step into your power to live your life with purpose and meaning?

+ live your life with intent (that means no more going through the motions)

+ say adios to being a ¨destination addict¨, living for the weekends, or being the ¨Queen (or King) of Count Downs¨?

Going through a Spiritual Awakening?

Or maybe you are just in need of a spiritual running buddy? Feel that you need someone that can help you navigate your experiences and transitions? I can help you! I know how wild, crazy and overwhelming it can be. I know what it feels like to hardly recognise yourself. You feel like you have changed overnight. I can help guide you in learning how to surf that spiritual wave and I promise, you will come out brighter, shiner and more illuminated than you could possibly imagine!

Or maybe you aren´t really sure what you want (hey, I´ve been there too!)…

Sick of playing it small but feel like you can´t find your feet in stepping forward in becoming bigger and brighter? Where do you even begin? So much needs to change, but how?! When? You have commitments! You can´t just walk away from your life…You have responsibilities…

I hear you. I get it. Trust me. I was there. I spent a good few years seriously questioning the meaning of life (and my own sanity). Is this really my life? There must be more to life than just going to work, paying the bills, and trying to be a good person in-between. Knowing deep down that there was something more meaningful and brighter out there for me but not knowing what. For years not having the courage to take the steps. I was scared. Scared to risk it all. Scared to put myself out there. Scared to be seen. Scared to be heard. What if I fail? What if I make a complete fool of myself? What if it all comes down crashing and burning?

BEFORE: A not so EPIC life…

+ life looks great on the outside…you got your shit together (sorta)…but appearances can be deceiving…inside you feel like you are a mess…you have no idea who you are, where you are going and what you stand for. What do you even want? And let´s not even get started on trying to make a decision…

+ your health is far from its most vibrant. You look back at photos from your youth and wonder what happened to that girl/guy?! Maybe you have packed on a few pounds, feel bloated, tired, sluggish or feel older than you really are…but where do you begin in getting back to your healthiest and shiniest self?!

+ you are feeling stuck in a career that is no longer serving you. You feel as though you are selling yourself out to something that you don´t believe it. You know that you have something amazing to contribute, something you are passionate about and that will bring meaning to your life and the lives of others. You want to serve, help and inspire others but need some direction.

+ you are in a perpetual state of living for the weekends, the next holiday…always wanting to be anywhere but wherever you are…hello destination addict!

+ stressed out, overworked, over-caffeinated…it´s a struggle to get out of bed everyday…and don´t get me started on the Sunday night depression that usually sets in about 4pm every Sunday…you don´t necessarily want a career change but you need help finding balance and bringing more meaning to your life

+ living everything but a healthy and balanced life…talk about zero boundaries! Fuelling yourself with all the wrong things, too many excesses (drinking, eating, parties)…fomo (Fear Of Missing Out) is all too real

+ in a state of constant comparison to everyone else…how am I measuring up here? Am I doing ok? Am I a ¨success¨ yet?

+ you are aware of the fact that you are chasing someone else´s dream (how did I even get here?)…but wait, what are my dreams?!

+ finding yourself in toxic relationships that are draining you…you just keep giving more and more of yourself… but when is it your turn to receive?

+ feeling hopelessly disconnected from who you really are and what your purpose is…there has to be more to life than routine and obligation, right?!

+ constantly giving so much of yourself to everyone else but yourself. You are not your own priority

…Can you relate to any of these?! If you can, it´s time to crank it up a notch. Because you deserve an EPIC life!

Well gorgeous, I´m here to tell you, with first hand experience, you can do this. If I can do it, you can too! I´m here to support you, guide you, prop you up when you feel like you just want to throw in the towel. You are destined for big things! You just have to believe. One foot in front of the other. So whatever your passions may be, we can work on them. Want to be in an amazing and loving relationship? Yep, I can help you with that. Want to feel the healthiest and most vibrant that you ever have? I can help with that too. Want help transitioning from a career that doesn´t feed your soul to something that brings you immense joy and is in line with your passions? I can help with that too (it really is possible to leap out of bed in the mornings!). Want to open yourself more spiritually? Live your life more from your heart and less from your monkey mind? I can help with that too! Or do you want something a bit less extreme, maybe you don´t feel like you need a radical shift but more like a few tips and tricks in cranking it up a notch (or three…let´s go big here!)? I can definitely help with that!

So pack your bags and join me on what will be the most EPIC journey of your life. The journey of claiming back your power and Self Discovery. I´ll be with you every step of the way. Your biggest fan and loudest cheerleader. I have no doubts that together we can make monumental shifts in your life while you Illuminate Your EPIC!

Please reach out for more information on pricing.

Thank you for being YOU!

Big love,

PS If you want to read a bit more about me and my life before Illuminating My EPIC, check out my story.