Unleashing your divine feminine power

Femininity is often associated with being meek. Being subservient. Powerless. Helpless. Soft. But what most fail to realise, is that embracing and working with your feminine energy, is one of the most courageous and strongest things that we can do as a person. The feminine energy is incredibly powerful. True strength is shown through empathy, vulnerability, being creative, living through your intuition and being nurturing. Brute force is not strength. Strength lies within. Strength comes from an internal knowing and a lack of needing to control and force. Of trusting life enough to allow things to flow effortlessly. True strength is in receiving. By giving, you assert your power. When you allow yourself to open and receive, believing that you are worthy, you are demonstrating true strength.

Just as the moon is to the sun in the universe, so is the masculine to the feminine within you. Both reside within each of us. Both are needed in perfect balance. Each having its time and place to shine or glow. But too often in our society we do not cultivate the balance of these powers within. Until recently, we have lived in a society that has been on masculine overdrive, with our female essence laying dormant. We lived in a society that revered dominance, aggression, competition, control, analysis, and directness. But times are changing…

The world is currently experiencing a transition. A rise in the feminine energy. We are leaving behind a period of tremendous over dominance of masculine energy on our planet. The feminine power has been called to ascend. Once seen as weak and its values completely undermined, the tables are turning. Change is in the air.  It is the rise of the feminine, which has been causing many of us to consciously awaken to our reality (or the perceived illusion of it). It is stirring up an enormous amount within us. It is challenging our thinking patterns (many of which are extremely outdated for this ¨new world¨), paradigms and society´s blindly accepted norms. It is through this awakening and reconnection to the feminine power within each of us that will bring the much needed healing, consciousness, and harmony to this world that it so desperately needs.

What does feminine energy represent?  

Trust. Soft. Nourishing. Allowing. Being. Feeling. Receiving. Nurturing. Support. Play. Create. Build. Collaborate. Flow. Community. Intuition. Wisdom. Forgiveness. Healing. Rejuvenation. Internal. Inner work. Surrender. Patience. Balance. Flexibility.

And masculine?

Push. Force. Goal oriented. Driven. Power. Analysis. Hard. Independence. Targets. Dead-lines. Markers. Rigidity. Schedules. Critique. Direction. Execution. Work. Routine. Duty. Obligation. Provider. Leader. Individual. External.

The masculine energy isn´t all that bad. It certainly has it´s merits too (many, in fact!). But there is a time and place for each. It´s all about balance! As a woman who lived and worked in a heavily masculine (energetically) dominated industry for a long time, a great part of my feminine essence was squashed (out of necessity). There´s no crying in ´baseball´. You have to be ruthless, stand your ground, be driven, focussed, and unemotional in order to be taken seriously. Femininity, something that once came naturally to my being, now felt incredibly alien. My inner Goddess had been locked away for so long, that I no longer remembered how to set her free.

Being out of alignment with your feminine essence can take many forms…

+ Struggles in receiving. Over-giving to everyone else but feeling unworthy to actually receive from others. Feeling guilty about receiving things from other people.

+ Failing to be in touch with your body.  Not being tuned into your body´s natural cycles and rhythms. Not understanding them. Not slowing down enough to even realise if there are perhaps foods that are preventing your body from thriving.

+ Unable to ask for help. Or when help is offered, declining it. I am a strong and independent woman (or man). I can do this by myself.

+ Not being in touch with how you really feel about things. Not allowing yourself to feel your feelings. Dismissing your feelings as invalid, irrational or illogical.

+ Disconnected from your Higher Self and your intuition. You have extreme difficultly making decisions for yourself and constantly need the counsel of others. The opinions of others carry a tremendous weight for you.

+ Feeling a lack of creativity or feeling uninspired in your life.

Can you resonate with any of these? I certainly can. When you make a conscious effort to get in tune with your inner feminine, you will notice tremendous shifts in how you feel inside.

10 ways to deepen your connection with your divine feminine essence

+ Go within. Get to know yourself. Meet yourself where you are at and own all aspects of who you are. This can be done a variety of different ways, through meditation, journalling, going for a walk, anything that stills your mind and brings you back to the present moment. It is here that you will be connected with your Higher Self. Let your intuition be your guide. Try and set aside time each day for this, even if it is only 5 minutes to start with. The more consistent you are, the stronger that your inner guidance and intuition will become. It´s all about consistency and trust.

+ Spend time in nature. Slow down. When you spend time in nature you are being reconnected to Source and grounding into powerful universal energy. Just by being in nature you are slowing down and being reenergised and revitalised. If you really want to feel connected, take your shoes off and get those feet on the ground!

+ Create. Just as a woman´s body creates and births life, so does the feminine energy to creativity. Creating something is one of the most powerful ways to connect to your divine feminine power. And it could be absolutely anything! Painting, gardening, cooking a beautiful meal for your loved ones, writing, dancing, singing – whatever makes you feel empowered and strong in your feminine power. We are all creative.

+ Honour your emotions. Feel your feelings. Speak your truth. Part of honouring your femininity is being vulnerable. Don´t apologise for how you feel. It is your truth, live it without apology and fearlessly.

+ Play. Seek joy. Be spontaneous. Femininity is very much living in the moment. Embrace it because you will never get another moment like it again!

+ Nurture yourself. Rest. Recover. Restore. Prioritise your needs. If you need to rest, rest. Take a bubble bath. Get a massage. Go to a yin yoga class. And don´t feel bad about it. Put yourself first. I cannot think of a more radical form of self-love here. You are so worthy.

+ Prioritise your own inner transformation and self work. Discover yourself. Take personal development courses. Honour all of your pieces. Love all of it. Even the ugly bits. Making peace and loving your shadow self will be one of the most liberating and most transformative things that you could ever do for yourself.

+ Surround yourself with other strong Goddesses (or Gods) who are committed to honouring their feminine essence and traits. Girls, start a Goddess Group, a fortnightly Girls Night Out, a Cooking Club, full moon gathering, etc. Whatever it is, get your Soul Sisters rounded up and ready for a beautiful get together where you can share, collaborate, support and inspire each other. Guys, you can do this too, make a point of surrounding yourself with male and female friends who perhaps show more vulnerability and empathy. Express your feelings with each other. Try to be more communicative.

+ Bring consciousness to when it is appropriate to unleash the feminine, and when it is appropriate to empower the masculine. Regardless of your gender, you embody both the feminine and masculine essence. Which traits are you currently exhibiting in excess? Which traits do you need to work on? Are you more of a driven and competitive person, showing strong masculine qualities, or are you more creative and compassionate? What are some ways that you can bring more balance to your life? Contemplate the types of feminine and masculine qualities that you already have (especially in excess), which ones desire and how you can find new ways to bring and balances these qualities in your life. When is it appropriate to assert your inner God? Versus when is it appropriate for you to unleash your inner Goddess? Both are vital and as important as each other, you just need to find the best balance for you so that these two can perfectly coexist within you.

+ Explore sensuality. Yes, this can be done sexually, but don´t forget the non-sexual side of sensuality; colour, taste, and expression (to name a few). One of my favourite ways to express sensuality is through eating chocolate (and eating it like I mean it). You think I´m joking?!… Not a foodie? That´s ok, adorn your living space (or body) with beautiful colours, fabrics with stunning textures. Dance. Dancing is incredibly sensual. Feel the rhythm of the music as it waves through your body.

I challenge each of you, as being part of this universal shift, to do your little bit in bringing back the balance to the planet. Balance your energies. Men, meet your feminine. Women, go and rescue her…

Stop pushing. Stop trying to control. Allow. Be. Let go. And receive. You are so worthy.

Do you have any tips on how to bring more of your feminine energy to your life? Can you reasonable with the masculine dominance? Do you recognise it within? Do you find it hard to switch off?

As always, thank you for being YOU!

Big love,

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