Life gets really cool when zero flying f*cks are given

I really could not give a flying f*ck

I´ve been catching myself saying it a lot lately. So much so that it has actually gotten my attention. Sometimes I have surprised myself in the moments that I have said it, and other times not so much, it´s been all too obvious that those words would blurt out of my mouth. But what does all of this mean? Why now, at this point in my life am I catching myself say it so often?

For me it screams of the internal shifts that I have made in my own journey of self and highlights the drastic decrease in my need of approval of others or their opinions regarding how I am living my life. And about the progress that I have made in letting go of that of which I can no longer control.

I’m also acutely aware that perhaps maybe not everyone who is reading this is well-versed with this term, maybe it´s an Australian thing? Or just another Mel-ism…who knows, but for those of you who aren’t aware (but maybe you can read between the lines enough to figure it out) and before you jump to conclusions about what this means in my life when I am referencing it, I want to explain.

So what exactly does it mean to give zero flying f*cks? Just as with anything in life, it all means something different to different people. To me, it is confirmation that I am on my path. Writing my story. And living my epic adventure. This is my spiritual journey and I am living it how I want to. I don’t care what you think (unless I ask you, of course) but I do care about what I think and how I feel. I’m not here to live a life or write a story that makes sense to you. No. I am here to live my life and live it the way that feels right for me.

What it doesn´t mean is that I no longer give a shit or have lost hope about life, my job, my friends, my family, etc, far from it. It doesn’t mean that I no longer care about anyone else but myself. Or that I don’t care if I hurt someone else’s feelings or put someone in a bad position, as long as I get my way…this couldn’t be further from the truth! I´m still an inherently good person who in every moment possible is trying to be the best, brightest and most authentic version of myself.

It´s just that sometimes I swear and can be a little rough around the edges. And that’s ok. Dropping f-bombs sometimes feels really good at times and I retain the license to pepper them throughout my life and writing as I see fit. And the way I see it, it doesn’t make what I am saying or what I stand for any less credible because it is coming from me and from a place of genuine authenticity. There is no one that is better at being me than me. So if you don´t like it, fine. That’s ok with me. Don’t follow me. Don´t read my work.

I have come to realise that I am not for everyone and will never try to be. I´ve tried it before and it just doesn’t work. When I spent all of my time and energy trying to be for everyone, I left very little to just be me. And really being me, is all that I really ever want to be.

And so now my challenge for you, if you are so inclined, is to also make a stand to give zero flying f*cks too. You don’t have to do it my way, please, write your own rules. Just promise me that you won’t be anything or anyone else because you think that´s what you are wanted as. Just be you…I bet you’re pretty f*cking good at it too!

Thank you for being YOU!

Big love,

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