Letter to my younger self: the things I want you to know

¨Always live in the wildness of your heart. Always dance and thrive where love resides. Always seek out everything that stirs the depths of the oceans in you. Waves are created by constant chaos, and you are forever flowing. Never apologise to others for drawing in yourself when you have been searching for calmer waters thinking you needed to be saved.¨ – Zachry K. Douglas


I recently snapped this pic of this gorgeous little girl on one of my visits to the beach. She was so precious. Playing in those waves so care-free and completely lost in the moment. In her element. This little girl reminded me so much of myself as a child. Part of me wanted to run up to her, sweep her up into my arms, give her the biggest hug, sit her in my lap and talk to her. Bestow upon her all the lessons and wisdom that I have gained during our wild and beautiful adventure. And better prepare her for her journey.

It was in that moment that I reflected on my life and what I have learned to date and what I would tell that little girl, if she were me, to help her as she navigates this weird and wonderful life of ours. All of the things that I wish I could tell her. The events and situations that I wish I could save her from, the lessons that I wish I could prevent her from re-repeating (just the thought of that little girl shedding a single tear or holding an ounce of sadness within her makes my heart sink) and the moments that I wish I could tell her to savour just a little bit longer. To emphasise the importance of losing herself in the moment because she will later discover that there isn’t always a replay button in life. And there are some memories that she will forever find herself daydreaming about. pure bliss. But it will never quite be as delicious as the first time around.

Gorgeous girl,

Life is precious and the beautiful moments are sometimes fleeting. Eat it all up. Taste it. Feel it. Take photos of everything. Always jump in with both feet. Don’t look back. Certainly don´t second guess. Love. And when you do, love all out. Say it. Scream it, if you want to. If it matters to you, go hard. Be all in. 

You are absolutely perfect, just as you are. You are enough. You always have been and always will be. Everything that you need and will ever need is already inside of you. Go within. It´s a goldmine.

Stop trying so hard, have fun, and ditch the people-pleasing. Remember that it’s ok to make mistakes. Live your life for you. There is nothing to worry about (it all shakes out) and you will get everything that you want, eventually.

Don’t settle. Especially in love. You deserve all the feels, sunshine. Don´t be afraid to walk away from people who don´t see you. You should never have to fight for anyone´s attention or time. Or have to convince anyone of how amazing and brilliant you are. But first, you have to learn to see yourself this way. And please, when it becomes time for you to open up your heart again, don’t hold back.

Don´t be afraid to show people who you are, the most authentic version of you. Remember that it’s ok to go against the grain. You will never be satisfied with the status quo, so don’t even go there. Your yardstick for success is within and in how you feel, not in how you are stacking up. Forget about what everyone else is doing. do you. When you finally learn that, everything will fall into place.

You have a voice. Use it. Let yourself shine, and shine bright. Don’t scale back to fit in. And for the love of God, stop trying to! Forget normal (whatever that is?!). Celebrate you. Your quirks. Your silliness. Don’t hide it for a second. It´s what makes you, you. There is no one else like you. Honour it.

Try and live more from your heart and intuition and less from your mind. It´s ok to be different, live a little unconventionally, and write your own rules. There is no wrong or right way to do it. Live life in a way that feels good to you. It won’t always make sense, but trust it. Your instinct is your friend. Remember that the magic lies in the unknown. Dare to dance your way into it.

Stay curious, learn from every person who crosses your path and from every experience you encounter as they are all perfect and show you exactly what you need to know (even if you don’t connect the dots until much later). especially the painful ones. And even though they don’t feel like it at the time, they’re actually a blessing.  Remember when you find yourself huddled up in a ball thinking that everything is falling apart, it´s not. It´s all coming together. And much greater and more beautiful than you could possibly have imagined. You think you know what you want, but you won’t until you are much older. Stay open. Beautiful things come in some very unexpected packaging.

The most important day in your life will be the day that you learn to truly see yourself. That you really see yourself as the powerful, fiery and radiant being that you are. The day that you realise that you are the one that you have been waiting for. That it is you, and always has been you. Don´t be afraid to let go of those who don´t see you. There are plenty who do. Invest in them. Forget the rest.

Always choose you. Be your own priority. Reflect on what you want. Don´t be afraid to let go of anything that is no longer in alignment with that. The tighter that you hold on, the more you suffer. Amazing things are coming, loosen your grip. You can´t start the next chapter if you keep on reading the last.

Embrace your sensitivity. Don´t harden (please don’t shut down). And certainly don’t apologise for it. It´s ok to feel. You won’t know how truly amazing it feels to fly so high, until you have crashed and burned a little. They´re all an important part of the emotional rainbow. There is no bad emotion. Let them wash over you. They will pass. eventually.

See the beauty in everything. In everyone. Look for the best in each situation. There is beauty to be found in even the most heartbreaking chapters. Just remember that when someone’s true colours are revealed to you, believe it. Actions speak louder than words. always. 

There are no failures. It´s all just a bit of re-routing. You won´t know if the path is for you unless you explore it. Don´t be afraid to fail, be more afraid of not trying.

You are doing (and did) an amazing job because all of the experiences you have had has lead you to where I am today, and that place is pretty spectacular. And finally, just brace yourself for the most epic adventure that will surpass every hope and dream that your mind could possibly conjure…and, I promise, that it will only keep getting better…

I love you and I am so proud of you for doing the very best that you knew how in each moment.

¨Then her heart opened wider than it ever had before, and all she saw before her, everywhere she looked, were people to love.¨

I would absolutely love to hear from you. Do have any other advice that you would want to share to your younger self?

Thank you for being YOU!

Big love,


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