Kind Words

  • It’s over two weeks since I was at your breathing circle at XXX. I can’t thank you enough for sharing this practice — I feel transformed.

    I searched for years for a way to stop the automatic thought and emotional response patterns that seemed concreted in over decades of traumatic incidents in my life, and I was so fed up and depressed at the feeling I was unable to control this self-sabotage. And soooo frustrated!

    Topping that was chronic and extreme adrenal exhaustion. Twice in my life I had corporate burnout so badly it made me physically ill, and I had several surgeries as well as an accident where I broke my L1 vertebra. I eventually saw sense and stepped away from corporate life altogether in 2009. The best first step to recovery ever.

    I’ve tried so many things, including talking therapy, which I found forced me only to relive all these traumatic events from my past without helping me to let go and move on. An expensive way to get not very far. I held things in so tightly for so long despite five big bereavements that I pretty much stopped crying over a decade ago.

    The way my mind and body reacted during and after the workshop is incredible. I was astonished to find myself crying. I literally can’t believe the extent of the change — it’s blown me away. That’s partly why I took a fortnight to send this — I wanted to check it wasn’t just a short-lived reaction to the workshop. The changes are still with me.

    My stomach feels different — it always had a rock in it and now it’s gone and I feel the air I breathe go all the way down into my torso. My response to stressful incidents has changed so radically my husband looks at me as if to say “who ARE you?”

    Thank you for coming along to share this practice with me at just the right time in my life.

  • Thank you so much for the breathing session, the technique really did unlock some of my past and I think I will still continue to “exorcise” as I get on in years.

    Really felt as if I had placed a peg in the ground and a long journey may be underway, so hopefully I can use the breath to improve.

    I have tried many types of therapy in the past they have been ok but not so rewarding as your technique.

  • Thank you so much for such a powerful class. I knew my shallow breathing was a complicating factor in my back aches and general wellbeing, but I didn’t realise how much it was limiting my life.

    Today I am simply enjoying being able to fill the bottom half of my lungs for the first time in approximately ten years. I have been freed from severe tightness that has constricted my body and mind. Thanks also for your kindness and support in the class – it meant a lot to me. So glad to have found your class and looking forward to the benefits future classes will bring.

  • Thanks again for such a wonderful experience yesterday. It really made a big impact! Especially being someone who is super analytical, heady, logical, practical etc. I find my mind seems to be like my ˜safety¨ default MO. And while its good for some things, it also seems to be my biggest block to any kind of emotional healing!

    I´ve done a tonne of talking, counselling, therapy etc you name it! And am at a place (again) where I´m really looking to let go of old patterns/limiting beliefs etc! Peel another layer of the proverbial onion haha! I think I´m really just realizing that I think the answer to my healing/letting go of that old stuff just isn´t down the traditional kind of CBT routes but maybe more something that can help me get in touch with feelings and just letting go on that really deep level. anything that bypasses my bloody mind!

    Anyway The session yesterday just seemed to come at the perfect time, you know, as those life synchronicities just seem to have a funny way of doing!! I don´t usually find it super easy to connect with emotion like that, so anyone that can create a safe space and get that out of me I´m definitely interested in connecting with a bit more.

  • A big thank you to you, amazing breathing teacher!

    I was blown away by your class. As you know, we certainly moved a lot of negative emotions!

    You have a wonderful skill in working the class and making a positive difference in people’s lives.

  • I came to class for my asthma but left feeling very mentally calm and chilled out. So thank you so much – I  am interested in continuing as it has a lot of healing benefits and have not felt this good in literally years!!!

  • It was such a powerful experience. I am so happy I came across your page.

    Thank you universe! And thank you for showing such empathy towards me. You´re so lovely.

  • Thank YOU, Mel; it was awesome and you made us all feel very comfortable and relaxed. So looking forward to our next sessions :)))


    My favourite thing about working with Mel is her happy spirit. She has such a happy vibe, it’s hard not to catch it. Her positivity shines through and it makes working through things less heavy. Through working with Mel, I received clarity. I would recommend working with her to everyone.

    – Estee Paaijmans, Holland 


    Mel is very open and warm, while also being professional. She is very understanding and non-judgemental while being light-hearted, fun and human! Opening up about things with a relative stranger can be a little uncomfortable but Mel put me at ease very quickly. I didn’t have any hesitations about working with her. While working with her, I learned some new techniques which were practical and relevant to my personality and time commitments. I also gained some new ideas and perspectives on how to handle my anxiety and empathetic nature. I would absolutely recommend working with Mel if you are looking for a bit more guidance on connecting within and balance from a professional. Thank you Mel, I loved working with you!

    – Harriette Rothwell, Guatemala


    My favourite thing in working with Mel is her positivity and clear but calm way of facilitating the sessions. I had no hesitations recommending working with Mel. There is no judgement or expectations at all and she provides a safe environment for you to express yourself. I feel that she is very spiritual and I connected with many of the things we discussed. Mel opened up more of my spiritual journey for me while working with her. We discussed manifestations, full moons, crystals, and the energy that surrounds us. It made me realise that I need to reconnect with my spiritual side. This also includes meditation and forming a daily practice. I would recommend Mel to anyone that I know that would require a coach or would be interested in a attending a personal development retreat. I find Mel to be an inspiration.

    – Jessie Laute, England


    Mel is a good listener and speaks in a calm way. While working with Mel, I learned how to reflect on my thoughts and feelings. I would recommend working with her.

    – Tina Malen Andersen, Norway


    I instantly loved Mel´s free and childlike spirit and I love her ´keep it real´ attitude to life. Through working with Mel I have a deeper understanding of spiritual energy and trying to connect with it, and the importance of intentions in goals and activities. I liked the suggestions of steps to take to try to achieve goals and her discussion about setting intentions and making it a focus. She also helped me with ideas to set a morning routine to try and centre and focus myself for a positive day. She also provided me with many ideas for good books to read that have also helped her on her journey (I have already ordered The Artist’s Way and am looking forward to reading it). I loved hearing about her life story also. I would recommend Mel to family or friends with depression, or people looking to change their careers or take a leap of faith and travel, if they have never travelled.

    – Jess Summerhayes, Australia


    Mel is really genuine. You can feel that her heart is in the right place when she is working with you. I would recommend anyone who is looking to move out of the corporate world or to take a break from it to work with Mel. She is a great person to work with if you are just starting your self development journey and are in need of a lot of guidance and support.

    – Christie Jenkins, Australia


    Mel is very approachable and open. I have no hesitation in sharing ideas with her and asking her questions. In working with Mel, I gained confidence in my personal development path. I would recommend working with her to anyone who is in a transitional period in their life.

    – Ania Samborska, Poland

+ To protect of the privacy of my clients, some names have been removed from testimonials.