Hey you…

Welcome to my site! I´m so happy that you found me!

Let me introduce myself…

I´m Mel and I am deeply passionate about well-th (the real wealth), spirituality, and travel. I´m also a total personal development junkie. My mission as an Empowerment Coach is to empower and inspire as many people as I can to step into their fullest potential and live an EPIC life, one that is in alignment with their true purpose and passions and is beyond their wildest dreams and bursting with the pinch me pleasers!

After suffering what is categorically described as Corporate Burn-out, in 2014, in search of myself (and sanity), I quit my seven year career in Finance and embarked upon the most EPIC round the world adventure that forever changed the trajectory of my life. What began as a photo snapping and sightseeing extravaganza, quickly morphed into the most enlightening and spiritual journey of my life. Ashrams in India. Shamans in Peru. And countless healers and holistic therapies. The former ¨Closet Hippy¨ has now been officially outed and is bigger, brighter and shinier than she has ever been. The former ¨Destination Addict¨ is now happier than ever, no matter where she finds herself. The former¨Queen of Count Downs¨ is no longer living for the weekends and is now living her life in the Present. This Moment Matters!

Live your life loud…

Go big.

Believe big.

Play big.

Give big.

Love big.

Laugh big.

Dream big.

Forgive big.

Live big.

I believe…

+ that your only limit is you
+ in magic
+ that you are the love of your life
+ in dreaming big and taking risks
+ a day without laughter is a day wasted
+ that your vibe attracts your tribe
+ a dip in the sea cures everything
+ that if you´re gonna have an attitude, make it one of gratitude
+ that life happens for you and not to you
+ that life is so beautiful (just don´t forget to look!)
+ that you are responsible for your own happiness
+ that self-love is not selfish
+ that there is no better time than now to chase your dreams
+ that you only get what you have the courage to ask for
+ in authenticity and speaking your truth
+ that a sense of humour is the most attractive quality in a person
+ that the answer is always chocolate…the question is irrelevant

…that you deserve an EPIC life!

Random quirks…

+ It is virtually impossible for me to follow a recipe to the tee…all about freestyling…
+ I´m very particular about how I eat my apples…there´s a process people!
+ I think that Seinfeld is the greatest sitcom of all time (with Arrested Development coming in a close second)
+ I like to put hot sauce on my salads
+ I don´t feel like myself unless I´m living by the ocean
+ I´ve never balanced a chequebook (and I was an accountant)
+ I´m obsessed with street art and VW Beetles (and a force to be reckoned with playing Punch Bug!)
+ Peanut butter goes with everything
+ Jamming in your PJs to your fave beats is the best kind of therapy…and an amazing way to start the day!
+ I believe in Mermaids

You can find me…

…by the sea
…with a coconut
…and free….

If you´re going to BE anything…

Be kind.
Be bold.
Be adventurous.
Be silly.
Be grateful.
Be present.
Be love.
Be you.

Diggin´my vibe?

Awesome! Stick around and feel free to peruse my site and join my EPIC Tribe. Here you will find all sorts of juicy nuggets of information about my passions (health, spirituality…really anything connected to balancing the mind body and soul).

Want to work with me? Amazing! If you´re excited and committed for some radical shifts in your life and ready to transform into the shiniest and most EPIC version of you, then I have no doubts that you too are ready to Illuminate Your EPIC! Let´s do this!

I love hearing from you, and want this to be a safe space where we can all encourage and inspire others, so please feel free to leave comments on my posts, and of course, reach out via email…

Thank you for being YOU!

Big love,


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