A miraculous mindset

Most of us grow up with the mindset and belief that a miracle is this unattainable and rarely experienced event that only the lucky chosen few will ever get to experience. We pray for them disparagingly not really ever expecting them to actually happen…but hey, it´s worth a shot, right?! It´s a one in a million kind of thing, like winning the lottery or being scouted out to be on the cover of a magazine while you are trolling your local mall. Sure it could happen (anything can happen)…but what are the chances…

I don’t resonate with this stereotypical definition of what a miracle is. Not at all. I refuse to believe that they are unattainable and so far out of reach that only a chosen few get to experience. In fact, I believe that they are all around us, always and in every moment, yet we fail to see them as we are blindly bumbling through our self-created disillusioned state. We are all worthy of experiencing them and having them in each and every moment.

A Course in Miracles describes a miracle to be ¨a shift in perception from fear to love.¨

So, if this is true, as I also believe, miracles aren´t in fact this far away land that only some will ever have the privilege to travel to and experience but they are in fact everywhere. For everyone. And available at all times. But only if we choose. And only we, as individuals, can make this happen for ourselves. The choice is yours. And it always is…

Where you once saw a detour, now a new path to be forged.

Where you once saw a challenge, now a new opportunity for growth.

Where you once saw a failure, now a lesson that was learned.

Where you once received a no, a new chance for a different yes – ACIM

When one door closes, another will always open. Endings are often seen in a negative light, but what most fail to realise that all things must end in order for a beautiful new beginning to commence. We have a tendency as human beings to desperately cling to what we think is best for us. To grip so tightly, with white knuckles, to a person, thing or opportunity out of fear of the unknown. But what do we know? What do we ever know? I know only of one thing for sure, there are no guarantees in life. ever.

So why do we so desperately cling to what we think we want and not allow what wants to come to us, come? We have no idea of the future potential doors that will be opened for us once we let go and allow to be. Once we decide to change our mindset, and begin to witness our own miracles as they come. but you have to believe they are coming…

We don’t always understand (or need to know, for that matter) everything that is happening to us, but what we do need to trust is that it is all happening for us and in line with our highest good and for our greatest potential. These perceptual shifts are the true miracle. Because once you start seeing your life through this lens, and come to the realisation that it is you, and only you, who can create your story and write your life the way that you want it to be written, that is when life truly gets spectacular, bursting with the pinch me pleasers and showered in miracles. You begin living a life that you cannot believe that you are so lucky to be living. And I cannot think of anything more miraculous than that.

ACIM Prayer – 

I am responsible for what I see.

I choose the feelings that I experience and

I decide upon the good that I will achieve.

And everything that seems to happens to me

I ask for, and I receive as I have asked.

So take back your power, write your beautiful story and infuse your mind with a miraculous perception. Shift, believe, and you will see the miracles all around you. Everything is always working for you, and not against you. You just need to see. Step out of yourself and see the bigger picture. Trust. Have faith. And be free. we are so blessed.

Have any miracles that you would like to share? What are some of the shifts in perceptions that you have experienced? Or what do you want to work on changing so that you too can witness your own miracle and unfold your miraculous potential.

Thank you for being YOU (and my miracle)!

Big love,

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